Enhancing Your Business with CA HR Services

At United AMG Partners, we understand the complexities and challenges of managing human resources, including navigating ever-changing employment laws, maintaining compliance, and handling employee relations. Our comprehensive HR services in California are designed to support your business every step of the way. From new hire enrollment to employee termination, we assist with everything in between, including finding the right payroll provider, benefits administration, performance management, and employee education. 

New Hire and Employee Termination 

Our specialists will assist you with the seamless enrollment of new hires, ensuring they receive their new ID cards promptly. We manage all the necessary paperwork and documentation to ensure a smooth onboarding process, including setting up payroll and benefits, so new employees can start their roles without any delays. 

For employee termination, we handle all aspects to ensure compliance and reduce the administrative burden on your team. This includes processing final paychecks, managing exit interviews, and handling the return of company property. We also take care of COBRA administration, providing former employees with the information and assistance they need to continue their health insurance coverage, ensuring a smooth transition, and to maintain compliance with federal regulations. 

By managing these critical tasks, we allow you to focus on running your business, and to be confident that your HR processes are handled efficiently and professionally. 

Employee Support for Health Benefits 

In addition to working with your benefit consultant, you’ll have access to our dedicated in-house account management team. If your employees have questions or issues with their health benefits, they can contact our team directly. We manage all interactions with insurance companies, saving you time and effort and ensuring a hassle-free experience for your employees. 

Here are four key issues that are always solved by our Employee Support for Health Benefits: 

  • Claims Assistance: Our team helps employees understand and navigate the claims process, resolving any issues or disputes with the insurance provider on their behalf. 
  • Benefit Explanation: We provide clear explanations of benefit plans, coverage details, and out-of-pocket costs, helping employees make informed decisions about their healthcare. 
  • Enrollment Support: Assistance with the enrollment process during open enrollment periods, or when employees experience life changes that qualify them for special enrollment. 
  • Problem Resolution: We handle any problems related to billing, coverage denials, or network provider issues, ensuring that employees receive the benefits they are entitled to without unnecessary hassle. 

Affordable Care Act (ACA)  

Navigating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be daunting, but our ACA specialists are here to help. We assist with the preparation of essential documents such as the 5500, 1094, and 1095 forms, ensuring your company remains compliant with all ACA requirements. Our team stays up to date with the latest regulations, so you can worry far less about staying in compliance. 

New Concerns for Companies in the Last Year  

  • Changes in Reporting Requirements: The IRS has updated the requirements for the information included in the 1094 and 1095 forms. Employers must ensure they collect and report accurate data to avoid penalties. Beginning in 2024, employers that file 10 or more returns will be required to file electronically, reducing the previous threshold of 250 returns (The ACA Times |) (AssuredPartners). 
  • Penalty Adjustments: Penalties for non-compliance with ACA requirements have been adjusted. For example, the penalty for failing to offer minimum essential coverage to at least 95% of full-time employees has increased to $2,970 per employee in 2024. Similarly, the penalty for not offering affordable coverage has risen to $4,460 per affected employee (Newfront).
  • State-Specific Mandates: Some states have introduced additional health coverage requirements and reporting mandates that exceed federal ACA requirements. Employers in these states must comply with both state and federal regulations. 
  • Extension of ACA Subsidies: Legislative changes have extended ACA subsidies, affecting how affordability calculations are made for employer-sponsored health plans. Employers may need to adjust their contributions to ensure compliance (Newfront) . 
  • Electronic Filing Requirements: Starting in 2024, employers filing 10 or more returns must file electronically, a significant change from the previous threshold of 250 returns. This change aims to streamline the reporting process and improve data accuracy (AssuredPartners) . 

Our ACA specialists are equipped to guide you through these new complexities, ensuring that your company remains compliant and avoids potential penalties. For immediate assistance, visit our ACA Compliance Consultants page. 

Access to HR Compliance Attorney 

Our clients at United AMG Partners benefit from access to our HR compliance attorney, who is knowledgeable about the latest employment laws and changes, including the California Fair Pay Act Amendment and updates regarding EEOC statistics. Our goal is to protect your business from potential legal issues, and to keep you informed about important regulatory changes. 

Free Review by Our Consultants 

We offer a free review by one of our experienced consultants to help identify areas where our HR services can benefit your business. Our team is ready to answer any questions and provide the support you need. 

Effective HR Management 

Effective HR management is essential for the success of any business. At United AMG Partners, we offer a range of strategic HR services designed to streamline your operations, ensure compliance, and support your employees. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from new hire enrollment to ACA compliance, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business activities. 

For more information on how our HR services can enhance your business, visit our Strategic HR Services page. 

The Time to Act Is Now 

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